Mai 102013

Pumpcast news is a long standing bit on The Tonight Show where a very special gas station in Burbank plays a live, interactive news show hosted by Jack Rafferty at each gas pump.

Travelers filling up are then prompted to answer questions or perform silly stunts.

In this recent episode, Jack interrupted a man singing at the pump. After admitting he liked karaoke, Jack asked him to sing a little Bon Jovi.

Will was happy to oblige, even if his public singing embarrassed his wife.

They couple was so entertaining, Jay Leno invited them onto the show later on, and now they are going viral! Already, the clip is covered on Gawker and HuffPost.


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Feb 142012

The Internet has a lot of preconceived stereotypes about Russian culture. This band covering It’s My Life on a Russia’s Got Talent type show doesn’t help. They took the Bon Jovi classic and successfully made it as Russian as possible. The video from 2011 just went viral now, amassing nearly 400,00 views in just the past few days. 


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Nov 182011

What’s more cliche than a bad cover band? How about a bad cover band where a member quits on stage, announcing he’s ‚going solo?‘ That’s exactly what happens here right when the band is about to start Shot Through The Heart. The guitarist quits, and even smashes his own guitar. Naturally, everything falls apart after that. The video is featured on Tosh.0 and PBH2


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