Jan 272015
BMW i3 Commercial Spoofs Bryant Gumbel And Katie Couric

Back in 1994, most people had no idea what the Internet was. Even news journalists Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric didn’t understand it. There’s a classic 90’s clip from The Today Show when the two struggle to comprehend what the email is. 

BMW USA brought the two famous news anchors back to parody themselves and wonder what the new BMW i3 electric car is. This new commercial has instantly gone viral. 


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Jan 112015
BMW’s Laser Headlights Are From The Future

Cars have come with headlights for almost as long as they’ve been mass produced. For decades car lights haven’t changed at all. But BMW is ready to step into the future. They showed off their brand new laser headlights technology on the BMW M4 sports car at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and wowed the audience with its impressive dynamic capabilities. 


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Jun 172014
BMW Rally Car Gets Serious Air During Race

While racing at the Kehala Motorsports Complex in Estonia, rally racers Priit Koik and Alari-Uku Heldna got some serious air in their BMW M3. Wimp explains that though the trick looked epic, the rough landing actually damaged the car and the racers ended up losing after pulling over for repairs. This short clip of the jump has gone viral with over 360,000 hits!


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Sep 242013
BMW 325 Drifts Up Parking Garage Ascent

When driving up the thin, narrow corridor of a parking garage, it is always best to go slow and take one’s time. 

However the crew of car enthusiast channel norbe films don’t know the meaning slow. 

In this video that debuted last week, one daring stunt driver rips his BMW 325 up the garage parking lot ascent at top speed and somehow holds a powerful drift the entire way up.

Best not to try this one yourself.


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Sep 172013
BMW Owner Smashes Car With Sledge Hammer In Protest For Faulty Car

Hadi Pourmohseni bought one of the most expensive supercars in the world, a $160,000 BMW M6.

He expected to receive the best of German engineering, but instead was left with a bad taste in his mouth after mechanics in Italy and Germany couldn’t or wouldn’t fix his defective car. 

As a form of protest, Hadi had his Beemer delivered to the Frankfurt International Motor Show where he and his friends smashed the faulty car with sledgehammers and an ax. 

After being published by German YouTuber Regine k, the video has gone viral!

Already, the clip has amassed over 1.3 million views since the weekend and has been covered on popular sites such as DailyPicks, CarScoop, and BusinessInsider


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