Jan 032011

The New York City of 2010 was one of the biggest blizzards in the city’s history. One man tries to make the best out of a snowy situation. He skis down world famous Park Ave being pulled by a SUV. You can see the parked cars on the side of the road almost completely covered.

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Okt 272010

I have no idea what he’s talking about even though I did consider myself a nerd. This guy in the red shirt is a true Jedi nerd master. He asks  some WOW designers a question at BlizzCon and they can’t answer him. The crowd cheers. I think Blizzard should hire him.


The now dubbed, ‚Red Shirt Guy‘, responds to some questions over his famous BlizzCon 2010 clip.

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Okt 232010

Nerds are meant to sit at the computer playing WOW and blogging for viral video sites (cough cough). We are not meant to jump around and try to dance. This is what happens when a fat nerd, like myself, tries something physical and risky. We’re better at virtual dancing such as DDR. A chubby geek master dressed as an Undead jumps a few times, trips on his own feet, and cannot get up. Broken leg. Ouch.


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