Okt 142013
Tom Hanks And Sandra Bullock Play Chopsticks On Giant Floor Piano

One of Tom Hanks‚ most remembered and iconic scenes from his years as a Hollywood actor is when he plays the giant floor piano at the toy store in Big

While visiting The Jonathan Ross Show, Tom and fellow guest Sandra Bullock reenacted the classic scene on an equally huge floor piano.

Naturally, the nostalgic web is loving it, as the clip published over the weekend has already garnered over 400,000 views!


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Aug 152011

There are countless cute, sweet, emotional, and funny videos of soldiers being welcomed home by their beloved dogs and pets. This one stands out based on size. This Great Dane is especially great, and when he jumps up, he’s almost as big as his owner.  


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Okt 242010

This maybe the largest Gingerbread man ever, and definatly the largest I have seen. A crowd gathers around a truck and a few pull out an enormous classic looking gingerbread man complete with buttons and othet classic decorations. They take off the plastic and stand it up. Yum.

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