Mrz 222013

Nuropsych1 published this video last week, but it has only exploded online a few days ago. In a sudden burst, the video has collected over half a million hits, and continues to trend through the weekend. 

The Minecraft obsessed nerd built his greatest, most intricate creation in the popular brick building video game, featuring an elaborate Beetle Juice-themed roller coaster with a POV perspective for viewers to ‚ride.‘


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Nov 232011

Community maybe going down the same path as Arrested Development. It’s a new show with only a mediocre sized audience, but those fans are die hard in love. And it’s gimmicks like this that make those fans beg NBC not to cancel the show. In one episode from each of the first three seasons of the show, someone says the word „Beetlejuice.“ On the last time, Beetlejuice himself quietly walks by in the background. It was the Halloween special, of course. The video is going viral after being shared by DaveStopera


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Mai 162011

In what looks like a train station, a man dressed as Beetle Juice is messing around with some people walking by. All of a sudden, a girl starts screaming and runs by, in fear of Beetle Juice. The guy dressed up takes his part seriously, and starts to chase the girl. Everyone laughs as she screams louder. She’s too old to be afraid of a guy dressed up.


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