Aug 092016
Full Sewage Truck Explodes On Russia Street

And you thought your commute was bad. In Russia, a full sewage truck literally exploding in the middle of rush hour street is… not that big of a deal apparently. Everyone just keeps on driving. You gotta feel for the owner of that nice, (once) bright white SUV. 


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Mrz 142016
Musician Remakes Home Video Of Himself As A Kid Singing In Bath Tub

Like so many musicians, Publio Delgado had the spirit of music in him ever since he was a kid. He recently uncovered an old home video of himself singing nonsensically in the bathtub. His acoustic guitar of cover of himself is surprisingly catchy.  


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Jan 212016
When Installing Your First Toilet Goes Wrong

It’s always a special occasion when, after learning for who knows how long, you complete a job all by yourself. This plumber’s apprentice thought he finally installed his first toilet all by himself. 

But when the plumber came back to check on him, he explained that he might have forgotten one small detail. The bathroom door. Oops. This video from a few months ago has only gone viral now with over one million views!


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Jan 122016
Singing For The Longest Time In The Bathroom

Sometimes, the best acoustics can be found in the strangest of places. Z Forsythe and his friends found that their high school bathroom had the perfect acoustics for some a cappella singing. 

This performance of For The Longest Time was posted in 2008, but it has only gone viral now with over 150,000 new views!


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Dez 222015
Little Kid Interrupts Wedding With Hilarlious Bathroom Emergency

Once kids are finally walking and talking parents must begin one of the most difficult jobs of their entire lives. Potty training. So when a young child finally learns to tell you they have to go potty, you know that it’s time to hit the gas and get them to a toilet.

During a glamorous wedding, the bride, groom, and guests couldn’t help but crack up laughing when a young boy ran up to the groom and exclaimed, „I need to poo!“

This adorably hilarious video has gone viral with over 675,000 views!


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