Jun 242015
Action Packed Bat Crocodile War Is Packed With Lasers And Explosions

Nature shows featuring animals battling in the wild can be exciting and dramatic. But these days, most viewers have been desensitized to action thanks to Hollywood’s incredible special effects. So Blackhawk decided to take video from a BBC nature show featuring bats and crocodiles, and jazz it up with lasers and explosions. Sweet! It’s no surprise the Internet is loving this video helping it go instantly viral. 


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Apr 092013

Animal lover Adam Cox brings this story about a special bat. Blossom is a rare Australian flying fox bat who came into the care of Louise Saunders from the Bat Conservation & Rescue.

During her stay, the little girl enjoyed a nectar mix recipe and occasionally some milk. Finally, after gaining some weight, she was released into the wild.

Blossom was so rare, that in all of her 18 years of bat work, Louise says she had never handled a blossom bat before. 

The week old video is now going viral, and is already featured on PopularScience, CuteOverLoad, and LaughingSquid


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Feb 062013

Ricadamu posted this video about Aussie bat-mom Trish Wimberley a month ago, but it has only gone viral now. Trish looks after hundreds of orphaned bats at her bat sanctuary until they are strong enough to be released into the wild. It’s a painstaking process that costs her thousands of dollars, but she and her devoted volunteers are dedicated no matter the human or monetary cost. 


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Jun 202012

This 2009 video published by  just started to trend again now, and is featured in DailyPicks, BlameIt, and TastefullyO.

Jim found a precious baby bat alone, and rescued the little guy. Trying to bring the bugger up back to health, he placed the bat on a high shelf so the mommy bat could hopefully find it, and offered it a tablespoon of water to drink.

In the cutest turn of event ever, the baby bat drank a little too fast, and got the hiccups. 


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Jan 212012

This video from July went unnoticed for months, until suddenly going viral now after being featured on DailyPicksAndFlicks and Reddit. South Florida roofers, , were redoing a client’s roof when they were surprised by bats bursting out of from under the tiles. They quickly realized it wasn’t just a few rogue bats, but an entire bat infestation. 


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