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Baseball Smasking Cake Trick Will Blow Your Mind

Special effects masters Tumba Ping Pong Show only need 20 seconds to blow your mind. 

In their latest piece, a pitcher throws a baseball towards a batter holding a ping pong paddle. The ball smashes a birthday cake and then the world is flipped upside down. 

What the heck just happened?


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Jan 062014
TV Viewer Hilariously Narrates As Boy Is Hit By Home Run Ball

Chris Bumeter was watching at home when Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels hit a home run and the ball smacked a young boy in the crowd. 

He quickly grabbed his camera, hit rewind on his DVR, and narrated the scene. 

In just one day, the silly video has amassed over 270,000 hits!


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Dez 062013
High School Softball Pitcher Purposefully Throws At Umpire

This video by Williams Sports Video was posted in October, but has only gone viral now with over 375,000 new veiws

After a slew of displeasing calls, the coach, catcher, and pitcher of the California Cruisers in black met on the mound to devise an evil plan.

The pitcher was advised to purposefully throw directly at the ump. The catcher even jumped to the side at the last moment so the ump would be struck. 

The umpire rightfully ejected the coach, pitcher and catcher and the game was ended. 

The impatient can skip to 1:30 for the action. 

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