Jun 202013

Czar Casm posted this audio-only YouTube clip back in 2012, but it has only erupted online now, garnering over 200,000 viral views just this week. 

The clip contains audio from a ‚real radio commercial put out by Northstar Ford in Alberta, Canada.‘ 

Apparently, they know how to make lemonade out of lemons up North. After having brand new car equipment stolen, Northstar Ford put on this ad offering shoppers a cash reward of $10,000 if they could help find the stolen goods.  


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Nov 252010

Palin makes a gaffe on a radio interview about the South and North Korean conflict. She says North Korea is our ally. It could have been just a slip anyone could have said. But people take any chance to stomp on the former Alaskan governor.

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Nov 242010

It takes time to listen but it’s worth it. This patriot stands his grounds that the radiation scanners are dangerous and a pat down is sexual assault. He says the truth, that he has a passport and has the right to enter his country with out being touched or prodded. The idiot TSA and police don’t know what to do, because he knows his rights. More people need to stand up for their rights.


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