Sep 032015
Scientific Tips To Help You Study

Sadly, school is already back in session. Before you know it, the teacher will be handing out the first test of the year. But instead of pushing off the material until the last day and then cramming all night, try studying for a few short times for a couple days before the test. This is just one scientific tip of nine to help you ace your next test from Asap Science.


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Jul 262015
The Science Of Dogs

There’s no question that the most popular pet in the world is the dog. Sure, cat lovers will cheer for their favorite, but there’s a reason the dog is called „Man’s best friend.“ But why is that? For centuries now, the dog has evolved with us humans.

That’s what makes the science of dogs so interesting. 


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Apr 162015
Scientific Parody Of Style By Taylor Swift

Have you ever been listening to a pop song and thought, if only this was more educational? Well the nerds of Asap Science have got you covered. They recreated the Taylor Swift hit Style with just their voices and changed the lyrics to be more scientific. 


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Apr 042015
Albert Einstein Or Marilyn Monroe Optical Illusion Explained

There is a classic Internet optical illusion picture that often makes its way around the Web. Depending on the circumstances, viewers may either see Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe. The educators of Asap Science finally explains how this effect works in this video. 


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Mrz 252015
What Happens If All The Bees Die?

Most people run in terror when a bee starts buzzing around. But you shouldn’t swat any bees this summer when they buzz near your barbecue party. Bees are actually very important little critters that help pollinate most of the plants we depend on. So what would happen if all the bees disappeared

Well, it’s actually happening right now, and as Asap Science explains, it’s not good.  


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