Sep 152016
Painted dancers look like impressionistic painting

Dancers Jon Boogz and Lil Buck got painted by artist Alexa Meade to look like being set in an impressionistic painting. But when they start with their moves, you wish that your art class in school would’ve been that cool!

„Movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, who use dance to move people and improve the world, find alchemy with Meade’s perspective-changing art. The result is a powerful, mesmerizing reflection, a moving 2D art representation, of the state of today’s society.“


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Sep 102016
Mesmerizing Triple Spiral Dominoes


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Aug 292016
Throwing A Hammer Through A Mirror In Slow Motion

Smashing a glass is a classic move in the movies to create drama. The Slow Mo Guys take the simple act of smashing a mirror with a hammer and really amp up the excitement by recording it in super slow motion with their special camera equipment. 


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Aug 142016
Guy Builds Huge 30,000 Liter Aquarium In His Living Room

Most people have a big screen TV in their living room and all the nice things they want to display for the family and guests to enjoy. Aquariums are a popular choice. Eli F took his pet fish hobby to the max by building an epic 30,000 liter aquarium. 





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Aug 052016
Recreating Court Case With Rick And Morty

A new cartoon for adults is booming in popularity. We’re talking about Rick and Morty of course. To hold people over until season 3 finally debuts, Adult Swim recreated the court case of State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton with the voices of Rick and Morty. 


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