Sep 162014
Attempted Robbery Caught On Bicyclist’s GoPro Helmet Cam

Mike Graziano is on a mission to travel to every country in the world with his friends. While biking through a rough neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a motorcyclist suddenly cut in front of him. He was surprised, but brushed it off as bad driving. But then the biker returned with a gun, screaming in Spanish!

Mike caught the entire scene on his helmet GoPro camera, and thankfully, made it out without a scratch. 


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Okt 012013
Dog Befriends Boy With Down Syndrome

Argentinian mother Ana Marta Vegas posted this precious original video of a local dog befriending and interacting with her son who suffers from Down Syndrome in the summer of 2012.

Jim Stenson reposted the video a few months later which went viral, touching over 10 million online viewers!

Now, the clip is reappearing on DailyMail, HuffingtonPost, and OpposingViews


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Sep 142013
Lionel Messi Flipbook Tribute

YouTuber etoilec1 is famous online for his impressive and extensive flipbook animations. His latest flip book creation is a tribute to Argentinian soccer captain Lionel Messi. With the added sports reporter and background noise it almost feels like watching an actual soccer match. Impressively, the week old video stands with over half a million views!


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Feb 202012

This new video published over the weekend by Black Sheep Films already has over 400,00 views. With amazing editing skills and special effects, they created a beautiful Inception-style video of Buenos Aires, Argentina with levitating amusement park rides swirling and rushing through the ancient city. 


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Nov 282011

We first saw the potential of plastic bottles when a man literally built a floating island all out the wasteful plastic. Now, another man is going viral for his use of plastic bottles. When hit by hard economic times, Alfredo tried selling refuse, but ended up building an entire house from plastic bottles, and other disposable plastics. He even teaches others his interlocking secrets of how to reuse bottles to help fight homelessness.   


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