Feb 272016
Gamer Explains How To Bring Up Secret Menu On Mortal Kombat Arcade

Back in the day there were a few games at the arcade that everyone wanted to play. One of those was Mortal Kombat. The series basically invented the fighting game segment. For years, there have been rumors of a way to bring up a special menu on the arcade games.

Finally, decades after its debut, gamer Your MK Arcade Source has made this video explaining and demonstrating how to pull off the secret move. This video has gone viral this week with over 1.25 million views!


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Mrz 072014
Gamer Performs Flawless Race Playing Initial D Arcade

You could say Josh is a master video game driver. In this video posted by his sister Jodice, he plays one of the hardest levels on the Japanese arcade race game Initial D and puts on a nearly flawless performance. He speeds through sharp turns and spins the wheel like it’s second nature. He must have spent countless quarters to get to this level. 


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Sep 192012

Every once and a while, a video truly goes viralviral, and becomes an international sensation. A favorite from five months ago was Caine’s Arcade. The heartwarming short film by about an LA boy’s homemade cardboard arcade warmed the hearts of millions. 

Lucky for us,  has returned to LA for a much needed update on the story. Caine now has a very full college scholarship fund, and has inspired thousands of kids just like him to make cool homemade arcade games. 

Heck, Caine’s Arcade is even Jack Black approved

After the much success of Caine’s Arcade, supporters have collaborated to create the Imagination Foundation.  


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Apr 112012

Nine year old Caine’s dad owns a used auto parts store in East LA that has grown into more of an Ebay store. As a result, Caine has lots of room to play and be creative.

The one thing Caine loves the most is building his very own mechanical classic arcade games out of cardboard, and after sometime has built quite a collection. The one problem he has is customers. He really only had one. Until now. 

Nirvan Mullick stumbled upon the arcade and loved it, so he asked Caine’s dad if he could make a short film about the place. Caine’s dad said sure, but he didn’t think there would be any customers. And that’s when the Internet intervened. Welcome to Caine’s Arcade


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Dez 282011

Young people may be moving away from the arcades to their living rooms and bedrooms thanks to hi-def online gaming like the XBox 360. But one game that is hard to duplicate is the classic arcade basketball game. They have been around since the dawn of the arcade industry and are still a fan favorite.

Check out this kid who destroys the arcade basketball. He’s so fast, he had to take all the balls from the other games to not slow down for more ammo. The video is featured on G4TV and Geekologie.


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