Dez 312015
Who Owns Really Antarctica

For some time now, every tiny piece of land on earth has been found, and thus claimed. But what about Antarctica? Who really owns it? Barely anyone lives there, and those who do don’t live there permanently. So what country is Antarctica in? CGP Grey explains everything there is no know about the icy continent in this trending video.


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Nov 252013
Elephant Seals Crush A Cameraman’s Tent

To film the movie The Adventures of the Penguin King, a camera crew naturally had to travel to the Antarctica and stay for some time. This meant they had to set up camp there. 

Atlantic Productions just published this humorous video when a group of giant elephant seals literally took a load off on one of the crew’s tent, leaving it a squashed mess. 

„Apparently, something’s happened to my tent…“


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Mai 062013

Cassandra Brooks was on an icebreaker boat traveling through the Ross Sea, Antarctica for two long months. The entire time, the special camera on top of the Nathaniel B. Palmer icebreaker has recording constant footage. 

She condensed the extended film into this epic five minute time lapse that has gone viral over the weekend, amassing over 100,000 views. Cassandra narrates the video, discussing all the different types of ice and scenery she and her team encountered in a soft and calming voice. 


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Feb 112013

Melissa Brennan had the amazing opportunity to travel across all seven continents, including frigid Antarctica. While on the icy continent she set up her GoPro camera by a ‚penguin highway,‘ and recorded the interesting example of organized nature. 

She uploaded her video a month ago, but it has only gone viralviral now, appearing on SayOMG, VideoSift, DailyOfTheDay, and Arbroath

Adorably, the flightless-birds seem to act like cars in traffic, lining up one by one and even stopping and looking both ways before crossing the ‚intersection.‘


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Feb 032013

Glacier calving is the extraordinary natural event when ice glaciers break or disrupt in an extravagant way. 

As a promotion for the new Chasing Ice documentary, We Are Exposure published this video  of the reportedly ‚largest glacier calving ever filmed‚ back in December, but it has only started to trend now, acquiring over 500,000 views in the past week. 

Just how much ice was disrupted during the event that lasted for 75 minutes? The same amount as if the entire lower part of Manhattan broke off from the rest of the island.

The event is really too grand for the human mind to fully comprehend.   


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