Apr 042013

Professional dog trainer Omar Muller has over one hundred dog trick videos on his channel, but only now has his week old BAD ASS DOG 2 video gone viral, amassing over 290,000 hits so far. 

In less than 60 seconds, his talented Border Collie Jumpy performs 20 outstanding dog tricks, such as riding a skateboard, performing a backflip, jumping from the roof of a van, and more. 


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Apr 032013

Last year, Canadian airline West Jet went viralviral with their hilarious April Fool’s video featuring Child-Free Flights. That video currently stands with over 700,000 views

Now, the comedians at West Jet’s marketing department have gone viral again this April Fool’s offering a new special „furry families“ program.

Animal lovers will no longer be required to kennel their pets. So bring the whole family aboard. Including Betsy. 

Already, this year’s gag commercial has collected over 400,000 hits


Thanks Shawn!

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Apr 022013

Ronan, the California sea lion at the Pinniped Lab at UCSC, seems to possess a very rare musical ability. Previously, science had concluded only humans and a few special birds could ‚keep a beat.‘

But after some training, Ronan is now the first non-human mammal, and first California sea lion to dance to the Backstreet Boys. 


The new video already has over a quarter million views, and is featured on APA, Discovery, and ABCNews


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Mrz 302013

Macklemore’s hit single Thrift Shop continues to trend online. The original music video now stands with over 200 million views. Back in February, The Pet Collective ever so cleverly parodied the popular rap song with pet-themed twist in Pet Shop.

Now, the parody masters at Barely Political apparently couldn’t help themselves, and have also chosen to make a pet shop-themed music video parody inspired by Macklemore.  


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Mrz 282013

The Recorders made their online debut with this brand new music video Purple and Gold. The music video sticks out from the crowd by following the online ‚dogs with human hands‚ trend, focusing on the relationship between two dog-human hybrids.


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