Jan 102016
Kitten Loves Putting Stuff In Shoe

What do you do when your pet has a weird habit of putting your things in your shoes? Capitalize on the weirdness for Internet points of course! FrozenVegie’s kitten loves stuffing anything in his shoes. So he made this clip in which it seems he trained the kitty to ‚put it in the shoe‘ on command. Impressive. 


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Dez 132015
Beacher Goer Trains Pelican Dancing

Nestor Bonilla was visiting the beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico when they met a very interesting man. He was a pelican instructor. Incredibly, the man is able to train wild pelicans to perform tricks on demand. 

This older video from 2013 is trending now more than ever. 


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Nov 252015
Smart Raven Messes With His Caretaker

Ravens are one of the smart birds in the animal kingdom. Mischief the White-Necked Raven is well trained and can make a bunch of different noises and sounds on command. He can even mimic human speech. Mischief is so smart, he messes with his caretaker in this viral video


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Aug 062015
Smart Dog Fills Kiddie Pool For Herself

Charlie Ogard’s six month old Labrador is more than just adorable, she’s also very smart. Nearly all dogs enjoy a splash in the water, but they need help from their human friends. But not Maddie. In this viral video, she fills a kiddie pool all by herself. Good dog! 


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