Okt 222013
Jimmy Fallon And Alec Baldwin In 80′s Cop Show Point Pleasant PD

While hosting actor Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Fallon broke the news to his Hollywood friend that his producer had found footage from their supposed 1980’s cop drama, Point Pleasant Police Department.

Alec was of course just ’shocked‘ to hear that Late Night had found a clip from their failed joint-venture where the two took turns spraying and spitting food at each other. 


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Apr 032012

To Rome With Love is all the buzz in the entertainment world just for the sole fact that it is written and directed by world famous producer Woody Allen. And with big time actors like Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Penélope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, and more starring in the film, the trailer has easily gone viral. 


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Mrz 012012

This icy nature video from  new special, Frozen Planet, already has 150,000 views, and is featured on YouTubeTrends. Alec Baldwin narrates about the amazing frozen spectacles that occur underwater when salt water in nature freezes. 


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Sep 232011

Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski continue their Yankees-Red Sox feud in ’s latest commercial. While watching a serious Yankees Sox game, Alec insists on holding his bladder from fear of jinxing the Yankees. In the end, he ruins Jason’s floor. Eww.  


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Aug 302011

John Krasinski and Alec Baldwin have been in a mock feud for sometime now, mostly over their favorite baseball team. In this episode from  features the two celebrities arguing over webcam. But when Alec takes things a little to far the police and firefighters are required to calm the situation. 


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