Okt 142016
World War Nerf

Epic action video by Nukazooka, that got over 250.000 shots within it’s first day being online. And all thanks to lots of lots of lots of plastic bullets…

„Nerf wars are a place of pain and suffering. And plastic. Lots of plastic. „

via: laughingsquid

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Sep 272016
Audi Presidential Debate Commercial „Duel“ is awesome

I haven’t seen last night’s debate, but this commercial run by German car brand Audi shown in a break is absolutely awesome! Imagine Trump and Clinton being the protagonists in this… Obiously this backwards-slowmotion-fight went viral instantly.

„The race to be the next Commander-In-Chief has never been fiercer, with the debates heating up to become the duel of the century. Audi is bringing you our own version of political satire…“

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Aug 172016
Honest Trailer Of Gladiator

When it debuted, Gladiator was one of the most successful Roman drama films ever. The action, story, and acting still stand up well to this day. So Screen Junkies traveled back in time to give the Russel Crowe film their signature Honest Trailer treatment. 


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Aug 132016
GoldenEye: Source 5.0 Trailer

Before Super Smash Brothers, there was only one game in the late 90’s that everyone enjoyed for epic multiplayer action. Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. Now, years later, the game is being rereleased as GoldenEye: Source for free online. 


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