Dez 082015
Crystal Pepsi Is Returning Commercial

Back in the 1990’s everything seemed to be high-tech and updated. The Internet was just getting popular and DVD’s were just about to hit the market. So Crystal Pepsi just made sense. Sadly, it was a pretty sensational flop. 

But Pepsi wants to give it another shot, so they are giving away 6-packs of their signature clear cola to members of their Pepsi Pass loyalty program. To promote the retro soda, they made this commercial in which a janitor accidentally goes to a floor that is stuck in the 90’s. 


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Dez 032015
Kids React To Tamagotchi

Today, kids are lucky enough to have access to incredible computing power. Most kids have an older iPhone or tablet that their parents let them use for all their gaming and video watching. But it was only two decades ago when kids had to have a different toy for each application. Want to play a video game, you need a Game Boy. Want to watch a movie, well you have to wait until dad finished the game on the TV. 

To show the kids of today how lucky they are, The Fine Brothers gave a group of kids some electronic Tamagotchi pets to see what they think of the toys of the 90’s. 


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Okt 072015
Honest Trailer Of Aladdin

Besides for The Lion Kid, Aladdin is probably the most popular Disney movie from the 1990’s. The genie, voiced by the late Robin Williams, really made the film. Screen Junkies traveled back in time to give the famous cartoon a more honest trailer. 


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Sep 242015
Kenan And Kel Reunite In Good Burger Sketch On Tonight Show

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is a proud lover of all things from the 1990’s. For his latest shtick, he invited Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell to star in a recreation of the popular 90’s Nickelodeon sketch and movie Good Burger. Naturally, the Web is loving this trip down memory lane. 


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Sep 012015
1990’s Website Reunion

Today, the entire world uses websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Buzzfeed. But who knows if any of these popular sites will still be around in 15 years. It wasn’t that long ago that people were using Friendster, AOL, and HotOrNot. But today, many people don’t even remember them. Cracked imagines what it might look like if famous 1990’s websites held a reunion in this new sketch


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