Mar 032013

There’s not much more that screams “The 70′s” than the classic Schoolhouse Rock cartoons. And though it debuted towards the end of the era, Star Wars also encapsulated the decade. Just look at those hairdos.

One Minute Galactica noticed how the two popular franchises took place so close in time, but never formally ‘met’. So they created this spot on mash up between Star Wars and the classic Schoolhouse Rock song Interjections. 

The week old video currently stands with over 90,000 hits, and is featured by Neatorama, Wired, io9, and Misscellania.


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Sep 072012

The  maybe the most beloved and exciting game show on TV. Everyone under thirty has fond memories staying home from school sick and watching TPIR. There’s just something about Bob Barker that is so soothing. 

So just for fun, The Price Is Right YouTube channel just published the very first Showcase Showdown winner

It’s amazing how so much is so similar, but also so different. The most notable being the absolute silence. There’s no cheering and rowdiness at all. Simply organized applause, as if they are Jeopardy’s audience of today. How melodramatic. 


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Apr 252012

As the release date for the much anticipated Avengers movie comes closer, more Avenger themed videos are going viral online. The latest to go viral is this video published by  in March of what The Avengers might look like if it was released in 1978.

The faux retro trailer looks and sounds like a classic 70′s film, and is featured on Digg and TheAwesomer


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Apr 102012

Every generation takes their technology for granted. In the 70′s, every household had a television, toaster, and telephone. So when British science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke was interviewed in 1974 by ABC, and was asked what the year 2000 would be like, people couldn’t believe his predictions. 

But today we see he amazingly predicted personal computers and The Internet spot on. In the clip that has been trending this month, he says people will all have their own personal consoles at home that connect with a main computer (think Google) to download any information.

He also correctly admits that though people will be dependent on technology more and more, it will enrich people’s lives for the better. The video is featured on LaughingSquid and Gizmodo


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Sep 212011

Muhammad Ali is one of America’s-and the world’s-most famous boxers. After becoming a celebrity in the 60′s, Muhammad was asked during an interview if he would like to be president.

He explains in a way only he can that after years of being subjugated and suppressed, he would be very suspicious why all of a sudden a black man would be given the presidency. ‘The ship must be sinking,’ he explains. The video was posted back in 2008 after Obama won the presidency, and has just recently gone viral again for the obvious reason that Muhammad was right. 


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