Feb 142013

Back in the 60’s, CBS had an interesting show about the exciting future, The 21st Century, hosted by the famous TV personality of the time Walter Cronkite.

Matt Novak has gotten hold of a few vintage clips from the classic show, and posted this Walter Cronkite in the Home Office of 2001 video a month ago that now stands with over a quarter million hits

In the video, Cronkite tours the then futuristic home of the 21st century. Amazingly, many of the predictions from forty years ago, such as how home offices would be equipped with multiple screens that offer instant access to weather, stocks, news, entertainment, and more, have obviously come to fruition. 

The video is reminiscent of the AT&T commercials of the 90’s that also correctly prophesied our contemporary world.  

Read more on Smithsonian.


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Apr 102012

Every generation takes their technology for granted. In the 70’s, every household had a television, toaster, and telephone. So when British science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke was interviewed in 1974 by ABC, and was asked what the year 2000 would be like, people couldn’t believe his predictions. 

But today we see he amazingly predicted personal computers and The Internet spot on. In the clip that has been trending this month, he says people will all have their own personal consoles at home that connect with a main computer (think Google) to download any information.

He also correctly admits that though people will be dependent on technology more and more, it will enrich people’s lives for the better. The video is featured on LaughingSquid and Gizmodo


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Jan 242012

AT&T just released this very odd short film from their archives. Simply called „Robot,“ the short was made Jim Henson–most famous for his creation of The Muppets–for an elite seminar given for business owners covering Data Communications, a very new and mysterious concept back in the 60’s. The robot talks, farts steam, and has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a robot thought up in the early 60’s. The video is featured on HaveYouSeenThis and Devour


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Dez 022011

This vintage commercial was posted online in December 2009, but just went viral now after being featured on BoingBoing, StuffIStole, and LaughingSquid. The black and white commercial is for a very strange Christmas toy from the 1960’s, The Six Finger. The Six Finger is a finger shaped gun that shoots small projectiles, and it even has a pen built in. 


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Jul 302011

The Jetsons was a popular 60’s cartoon that today shows us what we thought the future really could be. Of course, we were pretty much dead wrong, and we’re still waiting for our flying cars and floating cities. The cartoon was very light hearted, but what would happen if, let’s say, the Jetsons hit a space rock while flying around. Not good…


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