Dez 252014
Uncorking Champagne With A Giant 50 Caliber Rifle Is Impressive

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a celebration, a party, or just for a nice holiday drink, Champagne is always a hit. But you have to be careful when popping the cork. Somehow, the talented firearm masters of Full Mag uncorked a bottle of Cristal using a monstrous .50 caliber rifle. Sure, it took them a few tries, but they finally managed to uncork the bottle perfectly without even a nick in the glass.  


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Jun 032013

There’s a reason most fire the famous Barrett M82 .50 cal sniper rifle using the set of attached legs. It weighs 30 lbs and spans over 50 inches.

Of course, Former Army Ranger sniper Ryan Cleckner has no need for assistance. After being badgered all day at the range by the Texas Triggers crew, he finally showed off his skills by hitting a target at 1,000 yards away. On his first try. Standing up. 

Since debuting over the weekend, the new video has been seen over half a million times


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Apr 012013

For some reason, Easter has grown into a holiday focused, not on hunting for Easter eggs or even searching for God, but rather on the destruction of marshmallow peeps and other holiday candy. ‚Killing‘ chocolate bunnies has become some sort of tradition. 

Now, the fire arm specialists at Rated RR have gone viral with their video featuring how many Peeps can a 50 cal go through.

Of course, once they had all that equipment out, they had to shoot other candies, like the famous Cadbury Easter Eggs. Already, the video has amassed over 325,000 views since debuting over the weekend, and is further featured on TheBlaze, Gizmodo, and Devour.


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Jan 172013

This gun-themed video was posted online by DaysofMen around three years ago, but it has only started to truly trend now. The famous .50 cal is one of the largest, most powerful guns available on the market.

How powerful is it? As evident from this short video, the recoil energy is so great from the powerful weapon that all the items on the picnic table next to it were literally blown away from sheer force of the blast. 


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