Apr 252016
Man Builds 3D Printer To ‘Print’ An Epic Castle In His Backyard

Andrey Rudenko wanted to build a fort in his backyard, but was dissatisfied with the options he found at stores and online. So he went ahead and instead built an giant 3D printer that he used to create an epic concrete castle in his backyard!

This 18 month old video is trending again now with over 300,000 new views!


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Dez 152015
Everyday Objects Are Actually Anamorphic Illusions Made Of Paper

Anamorphic illusions trick the brain into seeing a 3D object that is actually flat as paper. Illusionist Brusspup is one of the Web’s most talented creators of 3D objects and optical illusions. For the second time, he has created illusions that appear to be everyday objects, such as a red cup or a camera, but in reality they are just flat pieces of paper. Mind blown! This video has over 2 miillion views!


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Sep 112015
Famous Disney Animator Drawing In 3D Is Stunning

Nearly every American, and countless other people around the world are familiar with his work, but few know his name. Glen Keane is the world famous animator and artist who helped bring Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and other world famous feature films into life. Future of StoryTelling invited him to talk about his work and let him try out a 3D virtual reality animation technology that brings drawings to life like never before. Gorgeous. 


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Aug 022015
How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A 3D Hologram

For years, nerds have dreamed of making holograms, an three dimensional imagine made up of only light, a reality. Well, we’re finally getting closer. Nerd Mr Whose The Boss explains how to make your own mini hologram projector with your smartphone and some clear plastic. Once you’ve built your projector, just load up a video like this one to see images floating in 3D! 


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Apr 022015
Artist Performs Mind Blowing Dance In 3D Light Box

You’ve never seen a dance performance like this! Adrien M and Claire B put on an epic, one of a kind performance by merging dance with CGI, 3D mapping, and lights. You have to see it to believe it! Usine C Montréal published this video over a year ago, but it has only gone viral now with 200,000 new views


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