Okt 032016
Smooth Family Guy Jazz-Cover

Oh this is pretty! Postmodern Jukebox ft. Casey Abrams & Sarah Reich show us a relaxed version of the titel theme from „Family Guy“. Includes fancy dancing.

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Okt 022016
HowToBasic Shows How To Remove A Stain From A Sofa

Although everyone knows what will happen at the end of the clip it gets me every time. And no stain is visible anymore – amazing!

„Today I show you how to quickly remove a stain from a sofa. This technique works on all kinds of sofas – Leather, Fabric, Microfibre, etc.“

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Okt 022016
Beautiful Miss Reef Models in 1000fps

Director Mark Tessi and Director Of Photography Chris Bryan present us lots of pretty looking ladies in lots of pretty looking frames. So if you ever wished, time could stand still when you are catching the eye of a pretty lady – this is as good as it gets!

via: langweiledich.net

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