Okt 272016
Magic Eye: The optical illusion, explained

As I kid I was terrible at these magic eye illusions. I was staring and staring and crossing my eyes – but nothing happened. Until one day it did „pop“ out for me – and since then I am a master of the arts! Vox explains to us, how the 90s trick works – and got easily over 300.000 views on this without even crossing their eyes…

„You might have remembered when sterograms appeared on Seinfeld. Learn about how these images trick the brain.“

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Okt 272016
Is Donald Trump Mr. Richfield From „Dinosaurs“?!

Matt Orfalea has found an aquivalent to presidential candidate Donald Trump – in a spot you never would have guessed. Is he actually the corporate triceratops, Mr. Richfield, from the 90’s show „Dinosaurs“? A scary but entertaining thought…

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Okt 272016
2 Chainz Checks Out a $350K Gun

I don’t like guns. But I like 2 Chainz talking about them. Especially, when he got his eyes and fingers on one of the most expensive guns in the world. For the GQ series „Most Expensivest Shit“ he sees a gun that costs more than your car. Hell, maybe even more than your house…

„2 Chainz and Trappy take a trip to Pacific Sporting Arms where they check out extremely expensive weapons.“

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Okt 272016
Green Day Fan Gets Invited On Stage And Does An Epic Job Playing Guitar

This has to be a crazy evening for this „biggest“ Green Day fan. He got invited on stage to rock with his idols on October 23rd at Aragon Ballroom Chicago. And did he do an epic job, playing „When I Come Around“? The crowd loves him – as do I (we get married in February, I think…).

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Okt 262016
Reclaiming the Armrest for 1 Million Views

Another example of „silly thing going viral“ (yeah, over 1 million views on this!). The long time fight about the middle armrest has been on for way too long. There is only one solution – take it back! Also I love the little wink he does at the end…

„The passenger next to me kept hogging the arm rest and did not allow me to place my arm on it. The flight attendants should go over arm rest etiquette on every flight. I think we need to start an arm rest challenge across the nation.“

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