Apr 252013

Last week, Made Man invited popular actress Alison Brie on their show where she imitated popular Internet memes. That video quickly went viral and stands with over 770,000 views

This week, they used the same formula for New Girl actor Jake Johnson. Now, Jake’s „Internet memeing“ has also caused a viral stir online, and has been featured on EOnline, Vulture, and Mashable


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Apr 242013

Last summer, Kim Clark and her team created a series entirely based on this powerful interview, called Big Questions. But only has the video gone viralviral, amassing over 350,000 views in just one day after appearing on Reddit.

Homeless man Ronald Davis discusses the trials and tribulations of being homeless in Chicago. He truly puts things in perspective when he tells the interviewers how he can’t get a job without a phone, and can’t get a phone without a job. 

„I’ve had people walk past me and say, ‚get a job bum.‘ I’m not a bum. I’m a human being,“ says Ronald as he holds back tears. 

Now, it seems Ronald is the new homeless star of the web, just like Ted Williams, aka The Man With The Golden Voice. The story has already been picked up by Gawker and HuffingtonPost


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Apr 242013

The LA Bike Cult has gone viral with this biker point-of-view video from CicLAvia 2013. What’s so special about the helmet cam footage?

The biker was riding a Stoopidtall bike, which stood over 14 feet tall! After riding around, and almost getting caught in a kite string, the biker had to grab onto a light post to dismount. 

Now, the new video has garnered over half a million views, and is further featured on LaughingSquid, Neatorama, LAStreets, and HuffPost


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Apr 242013

Mental Floss and John Green continue their popular list series. The series all started last month with 50 Common Misconceptions, which has collected over 2.3 million views

In the newest episode of the weekly show, John sorts through 56 Famous Acronyms And Initialisms we all, no doubt, have heard of, and even use on a daily basis, but may not know the origins of. 


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Apr 242013

NSFW Warning – language content

YouTubers Nikki & John, like so many other emerging prankster couples, are self proclaimed ‚crazy pranksters in love‘ with over 480,000 dedicated fans. 

A few days ago, Nikki was vlogging about her new pet lizard when suddenly, the lizard got a little over-excited, and dropped a load on her lap.

She appropriately freaked out, screaming and shrieking, while her lover John can be heard laughing in the background.

Jaisen Paff loved the video, but must admit John’s cackling in the back was the definite icing on the cake, saying, „Johns laughing in the background LOL.“

Now, the video has collected over 100,000 hits


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