Mai 132013

Barely 10 years ago, Lego introduced their computer Lego MindStorm line, along with their camera movie making kit. After several iterations of models, today, even adults make use of the high tech toys, often recreating a famous movie scene.

Lego obsessed Brick Tease specializes in making said videos on YouTube. Their latest frame-by-frame recreation of a scene from the Casino Royale James Bond movie has just gone viral, quickly snatching up 100,000 views.

Viewers are truly impressed how exact the Lego parody is when compared side-by-side with the original movie scene.


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Mai 122013

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has served the Internet and nerd community well while on the International Space Station, creating many entertaining and educational viral videos directly from Space.

Before his return, he thought it fitting to end with some music. Obviously, few songs are more appropriate to cover in Space than David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

This is also happens to be a world record as the first music video recorded on the ISS and in Space in general.

The best, most advanced visual effects and computer graphics can’t compete with a real zero gravity environment.

Few scenes can trump Hadfield singing, „Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing left to do,“ with a very blue Mother Earth literally behind him.

The resulting music video is truly stunning, and has instantly caught viral fever, already appearing on CBSNews, CNet, and TheVerge.


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Mai 122013

Targa Newfoundland is a long road rally race held over seven days in Canada. In this video from a past Targa event, a Subaru WRX STi locked up while taking a turn, and slammed head on into a home.

Incredibly, the passenger immediately disembarked from his ride, and when questioned by the cameraman if he was ok, simply chirped, „Ya, we’re good.“

Thankfully, the „safety equipment did its job.“

Though the video video published over a year ago by, it has just experienced a second surge of viral viewership over the weekend.


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Mai 122013

Nicolas Cage is one of those Hollywood celebrities fans love to bash online, in a friendly manner of course. Apparently, that applies to Europe as well.

In this short video, Dutch comedian Ronald Goedemondt performs a hilarious imitation of Nick Cage seeing a ghost while visiting the museum.

Though KKOPPI published the video at the end of 2012, it has only exploded, amassing over 1.2 million views, over the past week.


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Mai 122013

Adorably suspenseful videos of a mother duck separated from her young ducklings by an obstruction is nothing new online.

Over the weekend, Jenny Pan happened upon a mother duck on campus with her ducklings stuck on a tiny ledge.

Well, tiny to us humans, but a terrifying cliff to the ducklings. After two dramatic minutes, the ducklings daringly jump down to mom, one by one.

In just a few days, the video has already garnered over 150,000 views.


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