Jun 102013

Apparently, Oscar Mayer has learned from the viral video successes of Kmart and Grey Poupon, and has finally made a commercial specifically geared towards online viewers. 

And that’s not difficult when your company already sells the web’s favorite food: bacon. Over the weekend, their new commercial Say It With Bacon has already been viewed over one million times


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Jun 092013

NSFW language, content

Everyone has seen the Disney classic Aladdin, but have you ever paid close attention to the plot? Not just watch the fun stuff and the music, but really focus on the actual political and moral implications of Aladdin’s actions? 

Because if you have, then you already realize that Aladdin is actually no better then Jafar, and really has no respect for the princess at all. 

Eccentric YouTuber animation studio Film Cow demonstrates this in their new eye-opening animation It’s Aladdin.

But, then again, it is really that shocking that the moral implications of a Disney movie are murky at best?


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Jun 092013

Of all the performances and artists, shadow dance group Attraction has proven to be one of the most popular on this season of Britain’s Got Talent

For their Finals performance, they put on an eye-popping Great British Montage, retelling English history using just shadows. 


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Jun 092013

Jeff Greenspan likes conducting social experiments in his home town of New York City. His latest trick is actually his most subtle, and has just exploded online, garnering over one million views in less than a week. 

At High Line Park in Manhattan, there is a small statue that Jeff noticed was ignored by nearly everyone. Having a tight grasp on the mind of the New York tourist, Jeff simply placed a glass bowl by the statue’s feet with a few bucks inside. 

In no time, countless tourists and locals had surrounded the statue believing, or at least questioning, it to be a real person performing street art for donations. 


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Jun 082013

There’s nothing like a broken traffic light at a busy intersection to slow down your commute. Especially before the police get there to put up stop signs and take control of the situation, traffic ends up going nowhere as few want to take the initiative that might result in higher insurance costs.

Lucky for Toronto, they have citizens who seem to care.

At around afternoon rush hour, the light at the Dufferin and Steeles busy intersection went out. Traffic was a mess, but quickly, twenty-one year old jumped into action, conducting traffic like a pro-traffic cop until the real police arrived on the scene. 

B4effect actually published the good Samaritan video over a year ago, but it has only gone viral now, amassing over 330,000 hits over the past few days. 


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