Jun 212013

Jimmy Kimmel just went viral earlier this week with his parody music video Channing All Over Your TatumThe celebrity packed video already has accumulated over 2.1 million hits

To end the week off and celebrate the weekend, Jimmy has debuted another silly mock music video, titled Sausage Party.


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Jun 212013

GE published this emotional science video in May, but it is trending now more than ever. The short film Fire With Fire tells the story of how GE and a slew of top doctors maybe on the verge of a cancer fighting epiphany. 

Doctor Stephan A. Grupp explains how his team engineered the HIV virus to attack only cancer cells.

After her leukemia returned twice, young Emma had no other choices left. The doctors decided she was fit for the dangerous clinical trial of purposefully being infected with HIV.

What happened next shocked even the doctors themselves.  


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Jun 202013

George is the warehouse manager at Metro Food Distribution. Every week George leads a team of volunteers to help give out special food packages to needy families on the tiny Rockaway strip of Queens, New York. 

Even when they give 110%, there are often more needy families waiting in line, especially after Hurricane Sandy. 

Thankfully, Toyota has stepped in to offer a boost. Using their renown production system, or TPS, they helped Metro become an efficient charity machine.

Just the distribution process alone was cut from three hours to less than ninety minute.

For the icing on the cake, Toyota is donating one meal to the food bank of New York for every view of this video, so pass it along. 


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