Jun 222013

How-to make up videos have grown from a couple make up gurus to one of the largest, and most popular genres on YouTube.

YouTuber Tadele Smith went viral last week with this hilarious feminist make up tutorial parody. Using the same style and flow of most gurus, she explains to her viewers how to put on the perfect make up to ‚give you the upper hand in defeating your male enemies.‘

Even she admits she never expected her parody to become so popular, and never intended to offend anyone.

„It’s honestly not supposed to be serious or be taken seriously. It’s meant to play on some common misconceptions about feminism.“

In less than a week, she has accumulated over a quarter million views


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Jun 222013

Eccentric YouTuber Ze Frank takes a deeper look into the meaning of life using jelly beans. Yes, jelly beans. He literally counted out 0ver 28,000 beans, one for each day the average Americans will live for.

Most of those jelly beans will be spent of sleeping, watching TV, eating, commuting, and working. What will you do with the rest? Have you been wasting your beans?

Who knew jelly beans could be so serious?


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Jun 212013

Andrew Huang isn’t your average online rapper. He’s not simply bilingual, but can speak five languages fluently. He demonstrates his linguistic and music ability in his new rap song Vas Tunga – Andrew Huang Raps In 5 Languages, where he weaves a song in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, and Mandarin. 


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