Jul 102013

Animeme and Official Comedy published the hilarious Forever Alone VS Overly Attached Girlfriend Rap Battle at the start of the month, quickly garnering over 300,000 views

But the same day, they also published a second rap battle, pinning the meme-popular Nyan Cat up against the overly-blue Grumpy Cat. 

The latest feline-meme rap battle is trending more than ever, and now stands with over 750,000 hits


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Jul 102013

What?? Hollywood is churning out more pointless sequels that nobody asked for? We don’t believe it!

Well it’s true. Naturally, the box office this summer is packed with unimaginative sequels for original films that never should have existed in the first place. 

Take Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2, debuting this Friday. Of all the Sandler movies to make a sequel to, Grown Ups is one of the last one fans were asking for. 

Disappointed that Happy Gilmore 2 will seemingly never exist, Screen Junkies decided to make a more honest trailer for Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups movie in an attempt to sway viewers from watching the second. 


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Jul 102013

This video by the American Film Institute was posted at the end of 2012, but has only exploded online now, garnering over 2.2 million views in just a few days. 

The video features actor Dustin Hoffman discussing how he went into the mindset of his character Dorothy Michaels in the movie Tootsie. While working with his makeup artists to look like a believable woman, he asked them to also make him a beautiful woman. 

When they told him that was the best they could do, Dustin had an epiphany and ran home crying.

He knew Dorothy Michaels was an amazing and interesting woman, but realized that in real life few, in any, people would approach such a non-beautiful woman for a chance to see her inner beauty. 

The older video has since been featured on TIME, Mashable, and UpWorthy


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Jul 102013

There is a common misconception that to master any activity, one must spend years and years working and practicing. Karen Cheng has stepped forward to obliterate this misunderstanding.

When people see her dance, they often assume she has been dancing her whole life. But as she admits, she has only been dancing for one year

Over the past 365 days, she has practiced, practiced, practiced, and also documented her work. When viewed over a time lapse, it becomes obvious that all it takes is a little determination and daily persistence, and one can conquer the world. 


Thanks Orion!

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