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Bradley Cooper Proves Louis C.K. Wrong About Inside The Actors Studio In The Best Way Possible

While chatting with British actor and radio personality Stephen Merchant in 2008, Louis C.K. made a hilarious point about the interview show Inside The Actors Studio. 

„You know when an actor stands up and says, ‚I’m an actor, what can I do,‘ and he asks Sean Penn, ‚What can I do to reach your level?‘ You just want to say, that’s it you never will be famous. There’s no way you ask Sean Penn a question and then, you’re gonna be huge.“

Stephen and Louie laughed, but GAabriel Antunes wasn’t laughing. He found a clip of Bradley Cooper before he was famous asking none other than Sean Penn a question on Inside The Actors Studio.

You know, Bradley Cooper the famous actor?!?



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