Jan 192014
Cargo Ship Tips Over To Dump Lumber

The transport ship Seaspan Harvester in British Columbia, Canada has a very unique way of delivering its load of lumber.

Instead of using a crane or other heavy machinery to unload its haul, the boat literally tips over at a 45 degree angle, and dumps its cargo of wood into the water.


  2 Responses to “Cargo Ship Tips Over To Dump Lumber”

  1. Worked on the Rivtow Hercules on the west coast, basically the equivalent of this barge. Takes awhile for it to list over and dump but when it does its one hell of a ride. Its an amazing thing to see, especially if the barge leaves the water.

  2. Here is a Slow Motion Video of the Log Dump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5MvNNie_lQ

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