Nov 112013
Moscow Subway Ticket Machine Accepts 30 Squats As Payment

To promote exercise and the 2014 Olympics, Olympic Changes installed a very special ticket machine at the Moscow subway station. 

Instead of accepting money as payment, the high-tech ticket machine only accepted exercise.

Riders could receive a free ticket by standing in front of the machine’s camera, and performing 30 squats or lunges. 

Hey! No cheating!


  77 Responses to “Moscow Subway Ticket Machine Accepts 30 Squats As Payment”

  1. Great idea, now FREE Pussy Riot and stop discriminating against gay people.

    • Your country is not so perfect either !

      • No country is perfect – but I’d rather live in one that’s accepted the 21:st century instead of beating ppl up for their sexual preferences. That’s some disgusting medieval bullshit right there. Best Regards/ Sweden.

      • You’re such a faggotron.

      • Sweden, the country trying to get Julian Assange killed ? that one? USA’s puppet? Why don’t you go to London to interview him?

      • Why the fuck would we pay for that trip? Coward who is hiding, probably guilty…

      • If you can’t afford the fare, I am sure Julian will pay it. I see you don’t believe in innocent until proven guilty. Shame on you.

    • Russia is trying to get their people fit. Why bring up something totally unrelated. Not too long ago the US had the same stance against gays, but Obama needed votes, and the rest is history.

      • People are bringing up the gay issue… Because the ticket booth is
        there for the Olympics… And… Because of Russia and the „I hate
        gays“… Issue which is because of the Olympics… So… Yeah? … I know.. I know… It’s hard to see
        the bigger picture when you can’t see more than a few inches in front
        of your face…

    • Don’t mix shit with appreciation – as then there is no appreciation – just shit!

    • Yes and in Saudi Arabia and some other muslim countries homosexuality is still punishable with death penalty, i cant hear you complaining about that.

      Typical Swedish, always think they have the answers for the whole world.

      Just sayin …

    • I’m gay from Russia ) there is not any discriminations )

    • Pussy Riot should be punished for this kinda stupid actions, their not „wrong“, they’re stupid. And no one cares about gay people

  2. But if you are wearing the colours of the rainbow it waits for you to do the 30 squats and then takes your photo, tells you that you are not a valued citizen and adds you to the most wanted list for spreading gay propaganda. A great idea, but just that this is in Russia obliterates its positivity. Shame on you Russia, shame on you.

    • Is your country perfect?

      • The argument „Your country isn’t perfect either“ is invalid. There is no I, we, or us. There’s a simple standard of humanity, and it’s lost on the violence against homosexuals within Russia.

        Publicly humiliating, defiling, and causing inhumane bodily harm to people on something they cannot change (It is true, it is unchangeable. You can argue that until your blue in the face, but let one of us know when you chose to be heterosexual instead of homosexual and you might have an argument) up to and even causing deaths directly or indirectly.

        The intolerance that is publicly demonstrated, and condoned by leaders is deplorable – regardless of country of origin.

        Get your head out of your armpit.

        The US is by far from perfect.

      • Wait, so America is better at treating Homosexuals in private than Russia is in Public? I think you may want to take a look at your Country again. America isn’t perfect at treating Homosexuals either, there are many different forms of bullying (which in some cases, could be called torture) going on that we don’t see because the camera isn’t in the face about that.

        The post „Your Country isn’t perfect either“ is totally valid. Every Country can come out with something good, even if they do have other things wrong.

      • But the same people posting angry comments about Russia’s treatment of homosexuals are ALSO doing everything to make it better for homosexuals here in the US. They aren’t just standing up against Russia and sayingg at the US is perfect — this is a world issue, not one contained in borders.

      • Ah „well your country does x, y and z“ therefor that makes it alright? How stupid are you? Sure, the USA isn’t the greatest, but it sure as HELL is a lot better than Russia, and we actually have people who want to make this place a nicer place to live.

      • „nicer place to live“
        more like
        „Stop liking what I don’t like.“

      • Yeah, it’s valid, but not in reply to post that points out that one of the world’s greatest superpowers is violating basic human rights almost in the manner of spanish inquisition. I think these Russians should hold their mouths and try to do something about it instead of saying: „you’re not perfect either!“. As well as Americans should do when it comes to violating right to privacy or we Czechs should when it comes to corruption in public contracts or EU subsidies…

        So yeah, the post might be valid, but only if you accept the logic behind it – and that’s what’s invalid.

      • Spritz, by saying „the US is by far from perfect“ Naveid meant US wasn’t perfect. You misunderstood him.

    • shut up you freaking homofag

      • I’m sorry, but that’s spelled „homophobe“ and is clearly applicable to those using such words as „homofag“ when referring to people stating their points of view.

    • Thank God.

  3. You can practically FEEL the butthurt in the posts below. You fairies would better use some lube next time.

    • The fact the government connives at this attitude in people who are quick to judge anything they are not used to (a rudimental tumour of Soviet times) is outrageous.

  4. Who cares. Change your laws on gay people before expecting any respect from the international community.

    • Do you even know what those laws are? Did you research them yourself or you just belive whatever the media is telling you? I bet it’s the latter…

      • but that’s a rare case when what media is telling IS true. I am Russian and recently I had a thought that I’m lucky to be straight. And is it a healthy thought you think? Being relieved you aren’t the one of the prosecuted minority? I’m scared to live in this country and well disgusted too.

      • Don’t lie, gays aren’t persecuted in Russia. They just aren’t allowed to parade. I’m Russian and have a gay friend, and he’s ok.

    • Haha, you americans should really shut your mouths before entering this kind of discussion. You still allow death penalty, in year 2013. Your government f*cks you behind your backs, and you still continue to live the life you are without saying a single word against that. To me, it seems that it isnt much different from Russia, except for the fact that Russian government shows you what they do (to some extent, anyways) while you keep getting buttf*cked and accept it.

      • I don’t condone the death penalty, but how about you explain to us what happened to Nadezhda Tolokonnikova if you want to throw that argument around? Best Regards/ Sweden, (where there are no death penalties, OR labor camps, and beating up people for their sexual preferences are definitely illegal)

    • lmao and you’re the international community.

    • Seems like my comment got deleted despite being a totally legit one…

      Do I have to show you videos of americans hating on gay people/couples ? Do I have to remind you of that it is still considered a taboo and gay-marriage is illegal in some states ? You talk about respect, who outside of US respect your country ?

  5. Amazing! Love this!

  6. This idea changes nothing for gays in Russia, but it’s still great. I wish people could judge things at their own value instead of mixing everything in one giant hatefest. Russian is not a friendly place for gays. The squats-for-tickets machine is awesome. The two have very little to do with one another.

  7. It’s sad that this piece of what basically is fun trivia about modern day Russia brings up gay propaganda debates straight away.
    Although I have to admit that, being Russian, I’m happy to see at least some news about our outrageous and preposterous laws is getting the right attention from the rest of the world. Goes to show there are people who care, those who value human rights and can see there’s more than just „mild intolerance“ here. We’re talking about Russian government interfering in the private lives of people here and this is sad. Especially when talking about the tragical consequences those admitting to be gay have to face.
    Unfortunately, that’s not Russia’s only problem. The government’s desire to suppress people as much as possible does go out of hand, together with rather wise publicity that manages to create the wrong (positive) image of the situation in the country in the mind of the masses. Not to mention the less educated 90% of Russians still believe we’re about to start living in some bright future, or they just don’t care as these problems have nothing to do with them. But they have anything to do with all of us! I personally am ashamed to be Russian these days.
    This 30 squats for an underground ride is a part of the Olympics campaign, yet you can’t imagine how tragic are the conditions of the Olympics site in Sochi. I worry about the lives of the participants and potential accidents due to all the construction flaws! Not to mention that after the Olympics Putin will be free to do whatever he pleases, as no fear of other countries boycotting the Games thus depriving the country of its potential income mainly based on ripping people off will be stopping him then.

  8. This is a great idea but caters only to able-bodied people. Those who aren’t physically able (due to disability or injury) to do the squats still have to pay, and I’m sure would have all you gems of human beings calling them lazy, if your rousing debate on „gay rights“ is any indication of your collective IQ.

    It doesn’t surprise me that this caters to dominant culture (ie: that of the able-bodied, uninjured, and „healthy“) since Russia doesn’t seem to know how to make space for anything other than white cishet able-bodied neurotypical men.

    It is, however, disappointing that nobody is commenting on the problems the idea itself poses; you’re all either hopping on Moscow’s dick for it and saying it’s the best thing ever, or ignoring the idea’s problems for the sake of an entirely different (and still completely shitty) example of bigotry and ignorance in Russia.

    • If this was a promotion for paralympics, I would agree. But it’s not. No one is required to do squats, and after the promotion is over able-bodied people would still have to pay for the tickets (as they’ve always done), just as those that are disabled. It would’ve been great if everyone could enjoy and use this machine, but you don’t blame art galleries for discriminating against blind people, do you? If this machine required the use of hands only, would it „discriminate“ agaist people without them?

      Oh, and one more thing. There’s no „collective IQ“, for Russians, Americans or any other nation. This is exactly the kind of lazy shortcut type of thinking that makes people bigots in the first place.

  9. Super cool! (Yeah, unless you’re gay, in which case this machine will arrest and/or beat you up). No matter how many squats you do, Russia – you’ll still be a bigot fucktard.

  10. Waoo amazing concept. ..some thing out of box…best wishes to Russia. .from India

  11. Let’s please keep the comments and debate respectful. Any profanity or hate speech will be deleted.

  12. I feel sorry for you people that see this video and can only think of gay rights. Do obese people not matter?

    • well perhaps its because I, along with many other people have a hard time being excited about something so trivial when the lives and lifestyles of the lgbtq community are being condemned and blatantly hated upon by the government, which inadvertently is reflected in the Olympics Russia is hosting…

  13. Wow, so many comments completely off-topic, I guess its a clear sight of the general intelligence of the ones posting here… those complaining: if you believe that by posting in a site which is not russian, nor depedant on the russian govt. you are making a change, let me tell you, but your scope of reality is quite missplaced. This site is also not a political forum.

    Just about the Vid. Love the idea, everything that motivates/reinforces phisical exercise creates good vibe, just have to see the faces of the people that did it! the before and after!. Cheers from Brasil

  14. Who cares. Tell your government to start respecting gays.

  15. After reading the comments I understand that anything related to Russia
    is considered from the point of view of the struggle for gay rights.
    Folks, can you think of something else? Do you not have anything to
    talk about?

  16. Kool. Fun idea!

  17. Maybe put a screen beside it demonstrating proper form?

  18. A great activation for Public Health campaigns perhaps?

  19. Why doesn’t russia start paying some of their workers instead of taking their passports..forcing them to work and then after 2-3 months deport them for being „illegal workers“ They are the ones building all your Stadiums..for who..hopfeully nobody will go to your shitty Country. Russian scum. Come to Germany..we have some great gays who are gonna be able to kick some straight russian ass.

    • Same happens with Indians and Pakistani who are building Dubai, so? As well I believe you should look at your country’s history before writing such comments about Russia.

  20. Does it have some sort of facial recognition so that the same person can’t go up to it 10 times in a row and get all their friends a bunch of free train tickets. Obviously it will have its bugs, but I like the idea. Yet, wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t last long when the station realizes how much money they are losing and I am assuming the government may be the ones who pay back the station. Obviously the station aren’t willing to lose thousands of dollars for a 30 squat healthier person.

    • You have no idea how much money the government spent on the olympics.

    • Well obviously a lot of money. It is the OLYMPICS for God Sakes! Look at the World Cup, South Africa years back lost millions of dollars from the World Cup. It may have been one of the dumbest economic moves in the history of sports and politics.

  21. THIS IS RACIST! What if your in a wheelchair?

  22. Nobody beats gays here, they feel free especially in Moscow. There are a lot of gays club in Moscow. Wild Banshee come to Russia and check instead of eating American TV shit.

  23. THIS IS AMAZING i don’t care

  24. Does anyone know the name of the song in the video?

  25. <3

  26. great idea!!! Let’s all get up and get moving!

  27. What about people that are disabled and cant do squats or lunges?

  28. God! How I hate people who are trying to bring any conversation / comment to a political discussion! Gays, Pussy R, USA government, Iran, North Korea… People, just listen to your self. This article tells about new way of paying in Moscow subway. Jesus!

    Anyway, genius idea.

  29. I came to leave a comment about the awesome ingenuity of a machine that uses exercise as currency, and instead I walked into a war over gays. Time to go back to the other side of the internet.

  30. The only thing I see in this picture is happy people. Exercise is good for your body and mind. If you want to be happy do the squats, if you want to be sleepy/grumpy buy a ticket. You make the choice…

  31. I am from Russia, agree with some complaints, but add that at least Russia is led by someone who is not a communist and seems to be interested in the good of his country, but the USA …
    Anyways, if someone did not live in Russia, it is impossible to imagine it.

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