Nov 052013
Alison Gold’s ABCDEFG Has Viewers Asking WTF

Patrice Wilson of Patomuzic, the ‚music‘ producer responsible for web ‚hits‘ like It’s Thanksgiving and the more recent viral sensation Chinese Food, has returned with Alison Gold to offer viewers an apparent prequel to the MSG-themed tune. 

In ABCDEFG, Alison sings the ABC’s in a strange and disturbing muppet world that has viewers asking WTF?

The new music video is further featured on SayOMG, Gawker, DeathAndTaxes, and BuzzFeed


  One Response to “Alison Gold’s ABCDEFG Has Viewers Asking WTF”

  1. I found Alison Gold’s „Chinese Food“ song through your post a few weeks ago….she’s back I’m sad to report Alison just dropped a new song….I think the video is worse than the song, it’s called „ABCDEFG“

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