Okt 142013
Rabbi Brothers Perform ‘The Sound Of Silence’ On The Rising Star

A new musical talent show television series from Israel is quickly dethroning the likes of The Voice, and is already set to debut in France and Germany

The singing competition is the first to allow viewers to vote for their favorite stars live during the broadcast via a special app.  

Now, this unexpected clip of two rabbi brothers performing the Simon and Garfunkel single The Sound of Silence is trending, and is further promoting the new show around the world. 


  One Response to “Rabbi Brothers Perform ‚The Sound Of Silence‘ On The Rising Star”

  1. One word: AMAZING!
    Todah Rabah L’Hashem!
    Thank you Aryeh and Gil Gat for elevating, uplifting and transcending the heights to a higher place with love of Hashem and the Torah!

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