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Lazy USPS Worker Drives On Front Lawn To Deliver Mail

Just when the web thought it was only FedEx workers who apparently don’t take their jobs seriously comes this latest security camera video promoting iSpyConnect

The short clip published by YouTube channel Sorikan showcases an extremely lazy postal worker who took the effort to drive her USPS truck onto the front lawn of the address she was delivering mail to.

You know, instead of parking on the side of the road like a normal human and walking the fifteen feet to the front door. 


  2 Responses to “Lazy USPS Worker Drives On Front Lawn To Deliver Mail”

  1. to fat and lazy to walk from the driveway to the door.

  2. The tub of lard wouldn’t even climb the steps or bend over to set the packages down. But her job is save in the government shutdown.

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