Sep 192013
Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army Short Film

Cats love to play with and swat at paper. But what happens when paper fights back? 

Animal enthusiast Adam Cox wondered just that, so he put together this impressive short film, titled Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army

After the Jess the Ginger Cat took out another paper man, the paper-people decided to finally band together and fight back against the feline tyranny. 


  One Response to “Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army Short Film”

  1. This video is entertaining… Because it STOLE all the parts from my videos.
    Check these out and decide for yourself. For faceless paper men battling with short swords For a paper army men war For paper men armed with M16s and a helicopter crash
    And yes, I have cat videos too.
    Sorry, but twice is coincidence, three times is shameless plagiarism.
    I hate how people with no talent STEAL fresh ideas and try and trick others into thinking they’re original.
    This is a good video and I think it’s great if you enjoy it, but make up your own minds before you think this is something new.

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