Jul 162013

Those who have pets and small children know how much they love to run in and out of the house in the summer, and how annoying it gets constantly opening and closing the door for them. 

Clan McArthur has stepped forward with this video to solve this annoyance. For just a few bucks for supplies, he was able to create his own automatic closing sliding screen door for his patio.

Now, when left unlocked, his cute pups can open the door just enough with their noses to squeeze by, while the weight of the water bottle closes the door after them. 

Hope he has a patent on this, because in just one day the video of his DIY invention has garnered over 600,000 views


  4 Responses to “Automatic Closing Patio Sliding Screen Door”

  1. I don’t have a patent on this, I don’t think there can be one given as it’s centuries old physics of weights and pulley’s. However a kit might be available soon for retail… Jim McArthur

  2. Hi, Good morning, There is no kit coming out, I really don’t think anyone would purchase one since it’s quite simple and there is a video of it, that was a tongue in cheek comment. I’m just enjoying how the simple video I made for my FB friends with pets has gone so Viral. Thank you so much for posting this.. Jim McArthur

  3. I think an automatic sliding door would be really nice for my grandparents. They have a hard time getting in and out of the house. If they were to have a door like this they could go outside and enjoy the sunshine more. http://www.platinumautodoors.com.au

  4. Great video. Most modern homes today contain some type of sliding door that gives access to the backyard. Sliding screen doors may allow you to enjoy the outdoors more often. There are many benefits to adding such an item to the area and products are relatively inexpensive to add. They are also fairly simple to install. http://www.plissescreen.com/

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