Jun 052013

Anna Christine from Nevada started off the new season of America’s Got Talent with a bang. No one expected the nervous ten year old to belt out such a performance of the timeless classic House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals. 

Howard Stern said, „We’re looking in New York for a superstar, and I think we might have just found one!“

Supermodel Heidi Klum said, „I closed by eyes and couldn’t believe it was a ten year old’s voice!“


  3 Responses to “Anna Christine Sings House Of The Rising Sun America’s Got Talent”

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  2. There were a couple of really great acts on America’s Got Talent last night (and some mediocre ones). But honestly, after Anna Christine sang „House of the Rising Sun“ it was hard to remember anything else! She blew me away. I worked a little late at DISH last night so I actually missed the premiere as it aired, but I caught up to it late last night. I love having the DISH Hopper because while I’m going from room to room doing my nightly routine (some cleaning, getting the kids ready for bed, etc.), I can pause my show and pick it up in the exact same spot in any of the four rooms we have TV in.

  3. She should win this completion what a talented young lady

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