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This video by MsJumpinJude was published last November, but has only exploded online this weekend, amassing over 1.1 million views.

Disco the Parakeet loves the recite all the famous phrases he’s heard on TV and in the movies over the years. Now, his vocabulary has turned into one big mish-mash of famous sayings, song lyrics, and even some beat boxing music.

Inevitably, one phrase always seems to lead to another.

„What seems to be the problem officer? I’m not a crook. I’m a parakeet Disco,“ says the mimicking bird.


  One Response to “Disco The Parakeet Recites One Phrase That Leads To Another”

  1. Actually, I don’t learn anything from the TV or movies – I learn those phrases directly from my humans. (I wish I could learn that way – my humans can’t make R2D2 noises very well.) Before people claim I am a fake, do your homework first! Parakeets (budgies) are among the top mimics in the parrot family, and my humans spend a TON of time with me. (:>)

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