Apr 172013

Like any good father, Ryan Hunley was properly putting his two girl in their appropriate car seats before going for a drive when he was confronted with some adorable toddler stubbornness.

His youngest daughter August wasn’t interested in receiving any help with her seat belt buckle. 

„Want me to help you?“ dad calmly asked. 

„No. No, thank you,“ she maturely answered. „Worry about yourself. Worry about yourself,“ she kept insisting. 

Dad couldn’t help but laugh


  One Response to “Adorable Toddler Tells Dad To ‚Worry About Yourself‘ While Buckling Up”

  1. I would not call this behavior „adorable“ I would call it disrespectful and the laughing father will not think it’s funny when the girl is 13 and talks to him like that. Sad.

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