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For years, fans have been speculating that professional sports have always been, and still are, rigged. But recently, it seems the puppet masters pulling the strings don’t even attempt to conceal their plans anymore.

Nathaniel Bennett published this video which claims to show the extent to which the NBA is rigged in favor of the Los Angeles Lakers. It seems no matter what the opposing players do, the refs penalize them. And no matter how rough Lakers are, they get off scott-free.

Even the announcers seem constantly shocked by the obviously biased referee calls. 

Now, fans have had enough, and are helping to make this conspiracy video go viral. Already, it has amassed over 1.75 million views in less than a week. 



Update for 2013:


  11 Responses to “NBA Is Rigged For The Lakers To Make The Playoffs Conspiracy”

  1. this shit is fucking stupid. Haters gonna Hate. look at who the Lakers are facing vs who Utah is facing. fuck outta here with that bullshit

  2. Gotta love the hate. You guys remember when stern vetoed the CP3 trade for „basketball reasons“

    Lets recap who would be on the hornets now if the trade went through.

    Kevin Martin
    Lois Scola
    Goran Dragic
    Lamar Odom
    Anthony Davis

    Yeah…basketball reasons.

  3. no matter. spurs beat the shit outta them.

  4. people are stupid. of course if you’re only picking certain point in the game when the lakers is favored, then it’ll look like they got all the calls. but i’m sure the opposite team got just as much too. do a video of all the missed calls from both teams, it’ll be about the same…. unless your name is LBJ. he gets crazy call. mr. gazillion free throws!

    • If you don’t think the Lakers get preferential treatment in every game, you must be one of those Lakers fans who’s been to one game at the Staple Center and spent 90% of the game fixating on your wine and sushi.

  5. Great post. I’ve known this since that 2002 Western Conference Game – Lakers vs Kings. They should make a documentary about it. It was so obvious during that series the NBA was favoring the Lakers it’s crazy.

  6. Lets be real it’s not only the lakers getting this treatment, there’s def a little team called the heat who is getting this same thing

  7. Wow..

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