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Joann Moser ‚claims‘ her adorable two year old toddler woke in the middle of the night, not with the desire for a drink of water, but rather thirsting for his sister’s pillow pet. 

Apparently, the little guy is dexterous enough to pick a lock with a nail clippers. Of course, the video is fake, but that hasn’t stopped it from going viral, amassing over 70,000 hits, and appearing on DailyPicks, HuffPost, and DenverPost


  2 Responses to “Toddler Picks Lock To Steal Pillow Pet”

  1. OMG! Such a fake … why do legitimate news organizations put this on their website or show it? This lady has a video on YouTube discussing „how to make a viral video“ and „how to handle mainstream newscasts asking for interviews“ …. the whole thing is sick!

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