Mrz 062013

Just when you thought the obnoxious vampire trend would end in Hollywood after the Twilight series comes this new (pathetic looking) movie VAMP U

After an impotent vampire professor bites one of his students, she ends up turning her entire sorority into vampires. 

„There are vampire girls in this house, and they’re gonna kill us!“

Ya, this one is definitely winning an Oscar.  


  One Response to “VAMP U Trailer Looks Terrible”

  1. Try watching the film first, of course it’s not going to win an oscar you cynical bastard, it’s a harmless little bit of fun. I’m as much of a hater of the Twilight series and you seem to be and you know what, I actually liked this film, nothing special by no means, just an easy to watch comedy. How about judging things by watching them for a change?

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