Mrz 062013

Have you ever been so miserable that you could barely move? Like after a hard break up when you can’t do much more than lie on the floor in emotional pain?

Well, this cat knows that feel. Schneider Yuri’s cat hates bath time. But it doesn’t fight and squirm like others. No, his cat just lies in the water, and just takes it. The kitty is so miserable, he barely lifts his head above the water to meow, resulting in a bubbly sounding purr. 


  4 Responses to “Miserable Cat Meows Underwater During Bathtime”

  1. I am the owner of this cat, and there is NO abuse happening here. He is happy and healthy. I have four cats and a pit bull, and they all get bathed by me — AT THE SAME TIME. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

  2. cats don’t need baths, unless you drag them through the mud. He/she did NOT look/sound happy to me.

  3. I would never leave my cat in water like that for any length of time and especially to video tape it as it cries like that. I have owned cats all my life and even though they get used to it no cat really likes to be in water up to their chin. I feel this video is abusive. The cat looks scared to death.

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