Feb 122013

NSFW – Language

Brian Spinney published this music video a week ago, and already it has collected over 250,000 views. He claims back in his high school days he helped his pastor make this church outreach rap music video, Rappin‘ for Jesus

The video has such a vintage touch–with all the famous VHS-style signs of aging–it seems questionable if it is as authentic as Brian claims, and is not just a new humorous video made specifically for Internet views. 

The video, and the debate over its legitimacy, now has been featured on RedditWebProNews, BuzzFeedHuffPost, BlameItOnTheVoices, and BarStoolSports


  One Response to “Rappin‘ For Jesus Vintage Church Music Video”

  1. It’s a hoax. It was filmed in 2012/2013 in Los Angeles.

    The link in the film says the church was shut down in 2004 but the video was supposedly shot for that church.

    Here’s the page with definitive, concrete proof of the hoax.


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