Feb 122013

The Harlem Shake meme has fully taken over YouTube. There are now countless different parodies, themed-spoofs, and covers of the original Harlem Shake dance video that went viral just ten days ago.

But with so many high quality viral videos, who has the time to watch them all? Luckily, What’s trending sifted through all the top submissions and published this Best Harlem Shake Dance Videos compilation


  3 Responses to “Best Harlem Shake Dance Videos Compilation”

  1. The Trend Hunter team did their own version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Xhz5cfC32M (yes, that’s a Hillary Cinton mask).

  2. The best Compilation I have seen so far! 😀

  3. Harlem Shake at Static Nightclub: http://youtu.be/Of7Z-lUWpHc

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