Feb 112013

The new outrageous Harlem Shake meme has exploded online. But where did it all begin?

Like most trends online, it’s difficult to pinpoint the originators, but most agree the credit belongs to Filthy Frank who posted DO THE HARLEM SHAKE just over a week ago. He and his friends danced ridiculously to the first 30 seconds of Baauer’s now famous song Harlem Shake wearing even more outrageous costumes and face masks. 



Then, The Sunny Coast Skate crew were inspired to make their own version of the dance, titled The Harlem Shake v1which incorporates the now standard recipe of one dancer dancing alone until the bass drops. Only then do the others join in on the madness.

Since then, multiple ascending versions of the The Sunny Coast Skate’s original have been made, including countless other themed parodies of the ridiculous dance, such as the local news versionfirefighter version, and even a father-son version


  15 Responses to “The Original Harlem Shake Dance Video”

  1. heres another!

    Harlem Shake v666 (Black Metal Edition)


  2. Harlem Shake old west edition: http://youtu.be/kwGauQREND0

  3. JESUS DOES THE HARLEM SHAKE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvZ_5wHb5CY

  4. And another! Harlem Shake v4 (Green Screen Edition)

  5. I’m loving this trend, it’s all about fitting as much fun into 30 seconds as you can. You can view all of these videos at http://harlemshakevideos.com

  6. Dancing Carrot man does the harlem shake! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPeSzPsomeY

  7. Check out Music Choice’s hilarious take on the Harlem Shake with a twist ending! http://youtu.be/yoyweNVXGjQ

  8. Check out this video on YouTube:

    Best one yet check it out let me know what you think

  9. Jim Carrey’s original Harlem Shake back in 1994:


  10. Not sure why they capture our attention. But they sure are fun to watch.

    Check out the Harlem Shake (CoolZips Style) at http://youtu.be/wNqtYdc8M9E . Crazy little toys dancing to the Harlem Shake.

  11. New Video Alert!! Check out Dubb Sicks‘ new video „Head in the Hoopty“ ft. Michael White

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