Feb 012013

It seems Budweiser has scored an emotional touchdown with their nontraditional Superbowl ad set to air this Sunday. Usually, beer commercials are ‚bro‘ oriented, focusing on explosions, attractive women, loud parties, and big muscle cars.

Instead, Budweiser has wooed viewers with this touching commercial about a farmer and his Clydesdales horse that he raised to be apart of the Budweiser family. 

In just one short day, the commercial has collected over one million views already. 


  7 Responses to “Budweiser Clydesdales Horse Super Bowl Commercial 2013”

  1. I think her name should be BLAZE,A great name for A great Horse.

  2. Rainer ravens and niners !!!!!!!!

  3. Raner ,,,,,,,,,,,,,ravens and niners ……..new pony new commerical ….new ledgend ~!!!!!!!

  4. My 2 Great Grandsons‘ and I would like to name the pony Blaze!!We can’t seem to find the place to go to name it!! Barbara Marks, Kenneth Driebergen and AJ Driebergen Toledo ,Ohio 43608

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